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Online Pilates Membership

I strongly believe that you need the feedback and guidance of a good teacher when learning how to move and practice Pilates. However, lots of my students in Oxford over the years have asked me if I would do a video for them to practice at home. With the recent Coronavirus outbreak, I finally launched this project and with our online membership. All live zoom classes and recordings are included for just £36 / month and you can cancel your membership any time. In addition, now that we are able to offer face to face classes again, online members receive a 50% discount on Face to Face classes. 

Online classes are not designed to replace face to face teaching but at the current time, it will allow you to continue your weekly classes at home.

With all the restrictions which have been imposed on our lifestyles by the pandemic, in an effort to tackle spinal pain we are offering a new series of more manageable half-hour Move classes. These classes are designed to help tackle posture related spinal pain with a focus on neck, shoulder, back and hip mobility and tension relieving Pilates-based exercises. I believe that little and often is key, and hope that this will allow you to do some Pilates more regularly, even daily. So please, find time to down-tools from your desk and  do one of these shorter sessions to break up your working day. From September 2022, we will be increasing the timetable to offer a half-hour Move class via zoom every day of the working week. Keep moving! 

WHAT TO BRING: You'll need a mat and a small towel to use as a head support. We have also been using a variety of optional home Pilates kit including the Pilates ball or foam roller, resistance band, and small weights. You can improvise with a hot water bottle (filled with cold water) instead of a ball, a rolled up bath towel, a pair of tights instead of a resistance band, tin cans as weights, and most exercises can be adapted to do with no equipment at all.



All of the live classes  are included in your monthly membership (£36/month), with recordings uploaded to repeat or do in your own time, as well as an extensive library of previous recordings (including an 8-week recorded beginner's course). 

Please note that during the summer holidays, we are offering a slightly reduced timetable (contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details). Our full timetable below will resume on the 12th September and runs during term time, with a slightly reduced timetable continuing during school holidays. 

New Zoom Timetable (starting 12th September 2022)

Monday 9.30am - 1 hour intermediate class with Anna

Monday 5.30pm - half hour Move class 

Tuesday 7.45am  - half hour Move class 

Wednesday 7pm  - half hour Move class

Thursday 12.30pm - half hour Move class with Anna

Friday 7.45am  - half hour Move class 


We hope that you are all staying safe and well and that we can keep the Pilates community alive and encourage each other practicing at home through our private members-only  Oxford Sports Physio & Pilates Community facebook group. For important updates about timetable changes or cancellations, please sign up for our newsletter
Please don't hesitate to give us feedback or requests, and we hope that you enjoy. 
From Anna and the team :-)
To access your online Pilates classes, just login to your account (top right) and select 'Online Pilates' from the main toolbar (only visible when logged in with an active subscription).

Terms and Conditions

By participating in our videos you acknowledge your acceptance of the following terms and conditions:
Participants should be over the age of 18 and living in the UK only. On-line Pilates videos are for people who are fit and injury-free. For anyone with an injury, we recommend an individual consultation with your physiotherapist or Pilates teacher prior to attempting an on-line video to make sure that Pilates is suitable for you. It is important that if you have any underlying health conditions that you consult with your doctor before taking up a new exercise regime. Our online classes are not designed for pregnancy or osteoporosis which would require individual modifications. None of the exercises should cause any pain and you should stop the session if you have any pain, feeling of excessive fatigue or strain.
 We will offer a variety of levels and depending on your individual strength and fitness we recommend that you start with a more gentle class and progress to a level that you feel comfortable doing. Live zoom classes may be recorded on 'speaker view' and later edited ensuring that no participants appear in the recording before uploading it to our website.

Online Pilates Membership


  • Core strength
  • Stretching and flexibilty
  • Improve posture and balance
  • Keeping injuries away
  • Recorded and live classes
  • Recurring monthly membership
  • Cancel any time