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30 Day Online Only

I strongly believe that you need the feedback and guidance of a good teacher when learning how to move and practice Pilates.

However, lots of my students in Oxford over the years have asked me if I would do a video for them to practice at home and finally, I am doing this, from my new location in Cornwall. These are not designed to replace face to face teaching, but to allow you to supplement your weekly class with a variety of short videos allowing you to choose a particular body area to focus on, or put several of them together for a more comprehensive whole body workout.

These videos are for people who are fit and injury free and please always remember that you should not be exercising through pain but should seek advice from your physiotherapist or Pilates teacher before trying anything new. These videos are free to people attending our classes or can be purchased for a small monthly fee by which will renew automatically until you decide to cancel. I will try to add content each month, so please feel free to contact me if you have any particular requests. I hope you’ll appreciate the waves and sunsets in the background, and please excuse the home video style. You’ll just have to imagine breathing in the fresh Cornish sea air. Enjoy!

30 day online pilates

£5/30 days

  • New videos added monthly
  • Work out at home or in groups
  • Stretch exercises
  • Beginner exercises
  • Intermediate exercises
  • Advanced exercises
  • Recurring monthly membership
  • Cancel any time